Slieve Bloom Mountains

The Slieve Blooms are located  at the crossroads of Ireland  and are only a 90 minute drive from Dublin or Galway.Slieve Bloom Mountains

 The highest point Ard Erin only 527m can be reached from the Gap of Glendine. When you reach the lofty summits of the Slieve Bloom Mountains you will find an array of breathtaking views in all directions There are Slieve Bloom loop walking trails at Kinnitty, Cadamstown, Clonaslee and Glenbarrow which are varying in levels of difficulty and distance – all designed to explore the beauty and nature of this unspoilt landscape. The long distance Slieve Bloom Way can be accessed through any of the villages of the Slieveblooms at Kinnitty, Cadamstown or Clonaslee

Glenbarrow Waterfall Walk in the Slieve Blooms Laois

Views of Forelacka Glen near Kinnitty from Glinsk Castle Loop walk

Kinnitty nestles at the foot of Knocknamann on the western slopes of the Slieve Bloom Mountains. Knocknamann is the site where the Festival of Bealtaine was held in pre- Christian times. The Slieveblooms are steeped in history and folklore, from megalithic times though Ireland’s golden era of Saints & Scholars to more modern history of settlement and conflict of the Ely O’Carroll. According to legend the Slieve Bloom Mountains was home to Fionn Mac Cumhaill where as a child he lived with his mother for the first 7 years of his life. The name Bloom is said to commemorate an ancient Connaught hero Bladhma, who took refuge in the mountains. The summits of these peaceful mountains is a National Nature Reserve of some 2,100 hectares of blanket bog which extends over the peaks of Arderin, Dossaun, Wolftrap, Knockachorra, Baunreaghcong and the Ridge of Capard.

Glenbarrow Waterfall near Rosenallis in the Slieve Blooms

The Eco walks at The Silver River Cadamstown and Glenbarrow are opportunities to explore a landscape that is 400 million years old.  If you venture further into the upper regions of the mountains  you will find a broad plateau above 450m that is dominated by a blanket bog landscape. You can meander along walking routes dissected by streams that flow through deep ravines and glens. The Slievebloom Mountain range is the source of the many rivers that flow through its glens. These include the Camcor River, Delour River, Silver River and the River Barrow.

Glinsk Castle Loop walk Kinnitty

The Slieve Bloom Mountains are ideal for those who seek the tranquility of an unspoilt landscape. There is a wide and varied selection of wildlife, flora & fauna to explore and enjoy. The visitor to the Slieve Blooms will be rewarded by a glimpse of a wild and wonderful landscape which has become a rare commodity in modern times. The mountains are home to Sika Deer, wild goats, foxes, badgers and other animals, and is one of the few remaining areas in Ireland where Grouse is still a common bird in the summer.


The Slieve Bloom Mountains are a walkers paradise where you can walk all day with just the wildlife for your companion.

I am a keen walker and at Ardmore Country House I can provide you with walking maps and advise on the best routes to take whether it be the long distance Slieve Bloom Way or some of the shorter loop walks.

Silver River Eco walk Cadamstown

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